Gift of Words

Gifts present a unique opportunity to show hospitality. There is something special about taking the time to think of someone else and put together a gift or even make it yourself.

This past year, I had the chance to celebrate several special baby girls in my life. I really had it on my heart to give something that would have a lasting impact on their lives.


It occurred to me that I would give them, as my friend Taylor A. says, “just straight truth in a world of grey.” These little girls will grow up in a world where they have access to everything everyone has to say about them. Yet here was something to remind them of who they are called to be.

I prayed over each girl and asked the Lord to give me words of truth that would describe who they are; that their parents could be reminded to pray and speak these values over them everyday. A shadow box frame, glue gun, and some scrabble-like tiles later…

Life-giving words are timeless and what a beautiful reminder for whoever is on the receiving end.

On the practical side, I always keep my eyes open for shadow box frames and have found some true gems at my local Home Goods and craft stores, Joann and Michaels. I love these tiles found on Amazon and used a glue gun and a ruler {to keep the tiles straight} to apply. Be sure to create the layout before gluing, in case you need to move some letters around.

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