We believe in honoring God above all else and in all things. Whether it is sharing a meal with friends, or picking up toys for the fourth time in a single morning, may we do it all as unto the Lord. Honor is bred in a heart filled with humility and gratitude, which leads to generosity towards others.


We consider our homes can be an instrument to further God’s love. In them, we have the privilege of building spaces that are inviting and make way for others to feel special, rested, and renewed.  We find joy and purpose in our role as keepers of our homes, setting the tone for the environment in it, and guarding the hearts of those who dwell and enter there.


Every act of hospitality, whether considered big or small, is a spiritual gift in action. It has the opportunity to influence others, touch hearts, and leave an everlasting impact in someone’s life. We embrace excellence and all things pretty. Hospitality is an overflow of the love of the Father that runs deep in us.